Ai News: How To Use AI To Empower Your Technical Sales Team

Large language models like OpenAI's GPT can rapidly equip technical salespeople with comprehensive product knowledge. Services like IntelliChat securely centralize a company's data, enabling sales reps to instantly access and query this information, even in the field. This accelerates learning, enhances productivity, boosts sales, and improves employee engagement and retention.

How To Use AI To Empower Your Technical Sales Team

AI For Technical Sales Teams

What exactly is the value of a large language model like GPT from OpenAI in sales, specifically within the technical sales sector? This isn’t about the sort of chatbot that appears in the corner of your favorite online shopping platform. We’re discussing the role of AI in field sales.

Take for example, a company that manufactures a broad range of polymers, each with unique properties such as varying tensile strengths or operating temperatures. A sales representative would need to familiarize themselves with a wealth of complex, technical data. Based on our findings, to reach an 80% proficiency level in such industries could take approximately two years. Even after six months, they may only grasp around 30% of the necessary information.

So, how can we expedite this process and equip our salespeople with the knowledge they need, not immediately, but much quicker than before? The answer lies in using a large language model like OpenAI’s GPT, as offered by IntelliChat.

Our service provides a desktop, laptop, or mobile app, where all the company’s technical data is securely stored in what can be metaphorically described as the AI’s brain. This database is exclusively accessible by your team. As a salesperson in the field, you can tap into this wealth of knowledge whenever you need to.

Consider the previous polymer example. You may need to identify a polymer with a tensile strength of 50 PSI at -20 degrees Celsius for a hose application. After posing this question to the AI, it could provide a list of ten suitable options. You could then refine your request further by inquiring which options are available in blue.

As such, IntelliChat enables salespeople to engage in informed conversations and make quick decisions that would typically require years of experience. Even a novice salesperson can start asking these insightful questions within just a couple of months. They can also ask the AI to compare different products and outline their differences.

This is a significant game-changer for the salesperson who used to carry stacks of data sheets and consult them when faced with a challenging technical question from a potential client. Now, they have their own personal AI consultant that can provide precise, technical answers on the go.

The benefits of such a system are manifold. It enhances productivity, boosts sales, and is particularly beneficial for new salespeople, helping them reach their performance targets quicker. This, in turn, contributes to higher engagement and improved retention rates.

We have worked out a solution that offers all these advantages. Should you have any queries or if you’re interested in learning more about our product, we would be more than happy to guide you. Thank you.

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