A Custom AI For Your Technical Sales Team

IntelliChat™ securely learns about your business and provides sales support at the fingertips of your sales team.  Increase sales, increase productivity, and increase retention with a custom AI for your company.


Q. Sales member asks a question.

A. A secured AI trained from your data intelligently answers.

Within seconds, a response is given using training, knowledgebase, and other data provided by your organization.  You can also return …

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Your Data Is Secure

We use a secure data process that ensure your data remains your data while still providing Chat-GPT like question and answering.

Our Onboarding Process Flow

Every organization’s needs vary, but our typical flow for an organization utilizing IntelliChat for training looks like this. 

Exploratory Call
Discuss Your Needs and our Ai Solutions
ai support chat

Providing better sales support to your sales team empowers them to provide better results .

Develop a Custom Ai Strategy
Establish The Best Approach Moving Forward
Your organization your strategy.
develop a custom ai business strategy
Process Your Internal Data
Your Data Becomes The Framework
Process your training and support data.
Intellichat process data

We process your existing training and support data into a machine learning database.  This includes knowledge bases, previous support tickets, technical manuals, and training manuals.  This process prepares your data to be used by Ai Models for Q&A. 

Launch Your Sales Tool
Quickly Spin UP New Sales Members
Provide better results...sooner.

Many salesmen require months or years to become proficiently educated on your company's sales data. We take the training period down to just weeks. 

Ongoing Fine-Tuning
Wash Rinse Repeat.
As we learn we improve.

Our team will monitor the results alongside feedback and input from your team to ensure we are providing the best results for training and sales purposes.

Are you Ready to Learn More?

Learn how the power of human intelligence coupled with artificial intelligence can increase productivity, retention, sales, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.