Who We Are

We provide Ai-powered business solutions to companies that need to increase the efficiency of their training and the quality of their support.  Specifically, we decrease costs!


At IntelliChat™ we understand that every organization has unique challenges and needs.  The F.A.Q. section below should help you to better understand how we operate and what working with IntelliChat entails.  But, for specific questions, it is best to reach out to a team member to discuss.

The data belongs to you and in fact we need existing data (training materials, support manuals, technical manuals, and knowledgebases).  We utilize your data in our proprietary Ai-Powered solution so that your company can better utilize it.

The pricing varies on your specific needs and the size of the data set you need processed initially.  Depending on your organization’s structure you may need a larger amount of monthly fine-tuning as well.  This being said our service consists of an onboarding fee and a monthly service fee.  

Yes. It is often necessary to have two sets of data, one for the end user, and a more technical data set for internal support.  Additional data sets may come with additional costs.

Although this varies depending on the onboarding time and how long it takes our team to digest your current data.  In general we aim to complete this process in less than 2 months. Often we handle this within a few weeks.

IntelliChat can be integrated directly onto a website like a typical chat bot, into a knowledgebase, hosted by us, or even into proprietary local software connected to internet.  

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